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The roots of Tantra, Mantra &Yantra can be found in the MaaKamakhya Temple in Guwahati, Assam. MaaKamakhya is a Shakti of lord Shiva and known to be the goddess of Tantra. All Tantriks seek her blessings and devotion to attain Tantric shakti. She is also the AdhiVidhya and Mahashakti. 

MaaKamakhya temple Situated on the Nilachal hills in Guwahati, eight kms west of the city, MaaKamakhya temples was built to honour the essence of female energy. A natural cave with a spring, one has to reach out in the bowel of the earth to locate a dark, mysterious chamber of the goddess. In her chamber, the goddess is installed draped in a red saree and covered with flowers; one can find the mantra yoni, i.e. divine female genitalia. As per legends, MaaKamakhya was born when Lord Shiva carried the corpse of his beloved wife Sati. Sati’s yoni fell to the ground. On the spot where the yoni fell is where MaaKamakhya’s temple is now built. MaaKamakhya is one among the 108 Shakti peethas of MaaAadishakti. In the month of Ashaad (June), the goddess bleeds or menstruates. At this time, the Brahmaputra river near Kamakhya turns red. The temple then remains closed for 3 days and holy water is distributed among the devotees of Kamakhyadevi. There is no scientific proof that the blood actually turns the river red. Some people say that the priests pour vermilion into the waters. But symbolically, menstruation is the symbol of a woman's creativity and power to give birth. So, the deity and temple of Kamakhya celebrates this 'shakti' or power within every woman.

(PANDIT N L SWAMI (GOLD MEDALIST)) – Expert in divine power of Tantra

MaaKamakhya is a goddess of Tantra& Mantra. Pt. D.B Swami’s father and forefather serving MaaKamakhya Devi since past many years and attain special tantric Shakti. Pt. Pt. D.B Swami Learn this tantra power from his father and forefather and now using it for the betterment of people life.

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