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match making astrology

Match Making Astrology

Ponderance of the families discuss with an Astrologer for Match Making of the Horoscopes of the boy and the Girl. Kundli/Horoscope Match Making is the conservative system of analysing the Kundli/Horoscope of a boy and a girl for marriage compatibility.

Eight main factors commonly used and checked while Kundli/Horoscope Match Making in south and north India.

Tara or Dina
Grah Maitri

Each factor is assigned basic points, which are as following. Varna is 1 point, Vashya is 2 points, Dina is 3 points, Yoni is 4 points, Graha Maitri is 5 points, Gana is 6 points, Bhakut is 7 points and Naadi holds the maximum 8 points. The summation of all these points is 36. On these parameters, the Kundli of the two interested parties are matched and the result of those calculations is called Gune Matching.

Out of total 36 points, 18 are 50% and considered average, and 28 is considered to be satisfactory. Minimum 18 points are needed for Kundli/Horoscope Match MakingAcharya.B.D. Shastri is a best Astrologer for Horoscope Match Making.
Kundli Matching is very essential in the Indian society, Hindus. However, contemporary and broad outlook one has in India, the process of kundli matching outweighs all other decisions. Horoscopes are not just a superstition or belief, but they are also a very powerful scientific tool to help one plan their future ahead of time so that they have an edge over the rest.

Acharya.B.D. Shastri - Astrologer for Love Match Making

Astrologer in India scientifically predicts the success in marriage by carefully matching of horoscopes. A pair marries with a wish to lead a happy and successful life together with advancement and progress in their life in terms of health, wealth and dynamism.

Astrology in India allows this happiness to a couple and genuinely guides and suggests whether a couple will get in marriage and lead a stable life or if the Matching of horoscopes suggests else wise.

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